European Exploration is Set- Follow Along Here!

The itinerary for my trip to the UK, Netherlands, and Spain is nearly finished.  Leaving Friday, May 4th and returning to DC on the 14th. Trip includes facilities in London, UK; Reusel, Netherlands; Burton upon Trent, UK; Manchester, UK; Liverpool, UK, and Madrid, ESP.  Stay tuned for photos and lessons of genius that I am sure my fellow Groundsmen over the pond shall enlighten me with. Thank You to my friends in the UK and Spain making this possible!

5 thoughts on “European Exploration is Set- Follow Along Here!

  1. This ought to be good! Can’t wait to see what you bring back. Just remember, it won’t be like TEXAS!

  2. Have a safe trip! Dont forget the red toms as I am sure Mr. Burgess is waiting patiently for them. Cant wait to see the pic of him sporting them.

  3. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to come along on this trip. Have a great time, because I know you never really get to travel. Come to Cali, GO GAMECOCKS, and yay turf!

  4. Great stuff Jerad. Already a wealth of information, I am looking forward to hearing more about your excursion when you get back stateside. Be safe in your travels

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