2 thoughts on “Wembley Stadium- London, UK

  1. Monday, May 7th was a Bank Holiday in the UK- So we had the liberty to take the actual “public tour” of Wembley Stadium in London. WOW. What a tremendous experience! I recommend it to anyone and everyone that loves football, stadiums, or just architecture when they visit London. WHAT A STADIUM. The concourses reminded me more of an art gallery than of a stadium. With a price tag of over 1.1 billion dollars- It was worth every penny! Take the time for the tour if you have the time-

    With the holiday, I did not bother Head Groundsman Steve Welch. But WOW… What a wonderful job he and his crew does with the pitch. Gorgeous color from the turfgrass for such crummy weather and it appears in tremendous shape following the FA Cup final. Kudos to Mr. Welch- I am absolutely blown away on the tremendous quality.

    Commenting on the stadium.. What an amazing design to have a retractable roof to the south side of the stadium for sunlight for the turfgrass. Wonderful! That, combined with SGL grow lighting, clearly the battle of shady is being won!

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