Real Madrid

Well what a change from Manchester to Madrid.  WOW it is almost HOT here!  But I am not one to ever complain about heat… so bring it on.  It is refreshing!

Arriving in Madrid Friday night, many many Thanks to Mr. Paul Burgess for taking the time to make a trip to the airport and then to show me around on Saturday.  With preparation taking place for tonight’s final La Liga match- after which Real will be presented with their 32nd league championship trophy and with renovations taking place at the training ground, Mr. Burgress is very, very busy man!

Saturday Paul was gracious enough show me around on the pitch at the Bernabeu.  WOW what a stadium.  And WOW what a fantastic pitch.  Absolutely great stuff.  Following, Mr. Burgess gave the tour of the Real Madrid Training Ground.  With the number of fields and tremendous amount of play that takes place on each pitch, it reminded me even more of home.  The observations and conversation created a wide range of new ideas for me.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Paul!

Now tonight, the fixture between Real Madrid and Mallorca…  What an experience it shall be!  Real is in the hotel here currently preparing for the match… and what an atmosphere it is outside.  So I can only imagine what it will be like at the Bernabeu tonight!Image

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