Be Extraordinary in These Times of Stress

“A Professional is Someone Who Can Do His Best Work When He Doesn’t Feel Like It”- Alistair Cooke

Wow.  Good stuff huh?  I read a quote this morning that I wanted to share it in the spirit of professionalism.

Many here on the East coast are without electricity as they dig out of Friday night’s storm damage.  A vast majority of the USA is locked into a heat wave… In Europe excessive rainfall continues with a lack of sunshine.

How is it that anyone feels like doing any work, let alone their best work?

As professional turfgrass managers, these are the times that our best work is required.  If it wasn’t for times of stress.. heat, drought, disease, high traffic.. turfgrass would grow itself and there would be no need for “professional” managers.  So when by human nature we don’t feel like working at all, those times are our times to shine!

I found an interesting link that can be used to be a real “reality check”, as its very bold and puts being professional into perspective:

In times of stress when we need to do our best work, I say we strive to not just be professional…. Let’s insist on being extraordinary!  Extraordinary calls for going above and beyond. Extraordinary calls for being unique and essential.  As professional turfgrass managers, we possess a technical set of skills that makes us unique.  With those set of skills and a positive, proactive attitude- we are set up to be essential.  Extraordinary!

In closing, consider a few of the points on a checklist to “Be Extraordinary” that I keep above my desk (so I can’t ignore them in stress times!)

  1. IntegrityHonor You Word! (Do what I say I will do)
  2. Be Drama Free Acknowledge There is More Than 1 Interpretation of the Situation (Give up being right!)
  3. Be Powerful- Be Straight in Your Communication & Take What You Get! (Be direct- And then proceed forward)
  4. Be Courageous- Acknowledge Your Fear… Then Act!! (YES!!!!!)
  5. Be Peaceful- Give Up the Interpretation “There Is Something Wrong Here” (It is what it is!)
  6. Be Charismatic- Give Up “In Order To” and “Trying To Get Somewhere” (Do what I am doing while I am doing it- with no motives besides completion!)
  7. Be Enrolling- Share New Possibilities in Such A Way That Others are Inspired!!!  (LEAD!!!)


(Thank You to Landmark Education and the Landmark Forum for teaching me these thoughts on “Being Extrodinary”.  (

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