Dog Days Of Summer = Opportunity!

Wow!  I can’t believe it has been over 10 days since we last talked! I promise we will have out discussion on nutrient management, along with bio-stimulants and growth regulator use in regards to managing high traffic very soon.

We have a lot to catch up on.  Maryland SoccerPlex Grounds and Environment staff just finished execution a renovation to 9 cool season fields.  We are also planning for the launch of 4 other SoccerPlex projects:  A complete field renovation to SoccerPlex Stadium, field lights on 2 fields, 2 irrigation taps are getting backflow and pump upgrades, and Kwik Drain drainage is about to go into 3 fields.  Yes, we have a lot of ideas and possibilities to talk about!!

But for now, who is HOT??  Who is TIRED??  Those “Dog Days” of summer are taking their toll on you eh??


I have re-posted thoughts on “Professionalism” from last month.  Please take time and share your thoughts with yourself, your staff, and with me on how we can take advantage of this opportunity to establish an entirely new level of professionalism during most stressful time of the year. RIGHT NOW!

As we take full advantage of this opportunity of professionalism, we should keep in mind the potentials (positive and negative) of social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc- all reach your staff, your associates within our organizations, your leadership, and us- your colleagues.  Posts can be read, shared, and linked around the world in an instant to anyone about anything.  Professionalism, or the lack there of,  displayed via social media is even more far-reaching than the example you set every day.

Well here we are…  turning the corner into the last leg of the stresses of summer.  Cheers to August!  Everyone raise your glass (H20 is best to avoid de-hydration, but I prefer something frosty and cold) and pledge together to give the last part of summer our very, very best!  Positive and Progressive!

Does anyone have some favorite positive and motivating quotes to share via social media for all of us to benefit from???  Share Away!!!

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