Thank You Georgia STMA

This week I got to spend some time with the fantastic people of the Georgia STMA during the EDGE Conference just outside of Atlanta. A sincere THANK YOU to them for having me share with the group. My hope is that we were able to create some new ideas and positive thinking for the challenges that surround us all. I know I personally came up with some new ones!

With that, there are some interesting and exciting research taking place currently at University of Georgia I encourage everyone to look for. As part of the program at EDGE, Dr. Jared Hoyle from UGA presented to the STMA group about the happenings around their research and education programs. They (UGA) have some very interesting and cutting edge thinking taking place that will certainly benefit the industry. Kudos to Dr. Hoyle and his team (2 whom I also had the privilege to meet, PhD students Mr. Chase Straw and Ms. Robin Landry). They are leading the way in creative thinking for the betterment of sports fields around the world.

Thank you again Georgia STMA… I look forward to sharing more ideas with you all hopefully very soon!!

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