THANK YOU For An AMAZING 1st Year!!!


WOW it really is amazing how time flies.  The cliché statements and idioms about time passing quickly are all so, so true.  1 Year ago today this blog launch w/ its 1st post….  it really does seem like it was just yesterday!!  My initial goals were (2)

1.  Have the ability to share my experiences from a 9-day field fact-finding trip to Europe with all those interested (my staff, family, friends, colleagues, leadership, etc)

2. Create a public forum for the greater good of all grass fields by providing a glimpse into new ideas that I might discover in Europe, that we discover on a daily basis at our 22-field, “living laboratory” at Maryland SoccerPlex, that I have discovered over my special sports field management career, and that others in the industry discover through their daily trials and challenges.  

 Because if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” (Einstein).

So THANK YOU to everyone who has taken part in the 1st year of sharing ideas.   The places we have been together have been far and wide, the pristine fields we have seen have been many, and most importantly the new friends we have made will be everlasting.  In 1-year, this blog has received 15,000 views from 89 countries.  In 1-year, we have been introduced to very different approach to maintenance from the biggest/ best sports teams in the world.  In 1-year, we have changed old perceptions w/ renovating a field from Kentucky bluegrass seed in 35 days.  In 1-year, we have explored nutrient management in order for cell walls to be thicker and plants more durable.  In 1- year, we have created an entirely new maintenance practice for bermudagrass management.  In 1- year, we have spread the word that GRASS FIELDS CAN TAKE MORE!!!

THANK YOU for your participation…  and PLEASE, come and share more!!!!!

It is exciting, all the amazing work taking place around the world with high traffic fields.  Forward thinking sports field managers are producing fields to the highest quality under conditions that a few years ago we thought were impossible to succeed in.  American football fields are surviving without needing sod work.  Soccer and baseball fields that are hosting multiple sports and concerts.  Even park and recreation fields that are seeing improved vertical drainage and stronger grass under constant traffic.  Amazing, amazing results.


In Year 2, this blog is dedicated to continue to introduce ideas and spread information for the grass field industry.  Guest sports field managers will share their ideas and additional languages are to be introduced so the information can be used by our colleagues around the world.  Come and join us!!!


“Changing the Answer is Evolution.  

Changing the Question is a REVOLUTION!”


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