Mr. Simon Gumbrill and Mr. Jerad Minnick Share at Demo Day

Simon Gumbrill & Jerad Minnick Share at Demo Day

THANK YOU to everyone that took part in the demonstration at Maryland SoccerPlex on Monday, June 3rd.  Heavy rains Sunday night limited to the amount of work that was able to take place, but that did not limit the discussions and information sharing between the nice sized group that gathered.

Special thanks to Mr. Simon Gumbrill of Campey Turf Care (Manchester, UK) and Mr. Hans DeKort of Imants (Reusel, Netherlands) for taking the time to be with us.  And special thanks to them for building and providing the turfgrass market with such well build and precision machines.  The relationship between Campey and Imants is absolutely “Perfecting Play”.  

Also, thank you to Mr. Niels Dokkuma from SGL Concept (Netherlands) for joining us.  The age of growing grass year round w/ lights for even non-shaded fields is coming… and SGL is leading us there.  Exciting things ahead!!

And additionally, a thank you for Mr. Yousef Bagdady for joining us from Garden & Farm (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).  Garden & Farm is one of the finest turfgrass equipment distributors in the world, and Mr. Bagdady being with us illustrates why.  The idea sharing was beneficial for us all!

IMG_3271More to come w/ the re-growth of the fields.  We are absolutely on track to re-open by 1 week from today…  June 15th.  A sneak peak at the results so far:

Patriot Bermuda Greening 5 Days After Cleaning Off

Patriot Bermuda Greening 5 Days After Cleaning Off

Patriot Bermuda Coming Through at 6 Days After Cleaning Off

Thinnest Area Prior to Patriot Bermuda Being Cleaned Off 6 Days Before



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  1. Will this really really cover in a week?


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