Field Maintenance Survey: Have 5 Mins?

Happy Wednesday!  This morning GrowingGreenGrass has the privilege to assist a friend of the #revolution, Mr. Chase Straw.  Mr. Straw is a graduate student at the University of Georgia.  He is collecting some field maintenance information as part of his thesis research via an online survey.

UGA Field Maintenance Survey

From Mr. Straw:

“The purpose of the survey is to gather data to get an idea of cultivation practices implemented at all levels (professional, park and rec., etc.) of athletic field management. Then (the study) will look at each level and determine the frequency of cultivation practices, reasons as to why or why not they cultivate, concerns about managing natural turfgrass fields, etc.”

With the data, Mr. Straw will be able to get a better idea of what the concerns are of managing athletic fields at each level then use this data to brainstorm future research projects and also justify the projects they have currently going on.

Absolutely wonderful stuff!  Please take a couple of minutes and fill out the survey if you can, and even pass it along to our peers.

The link again is:  UGA Field Maintenance Survey

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