Day 2: Visiting the National Associations

Day 2 of exploration took us to the home of both England Rugby and England Football (soccer).  And wow, what a highlight both were!

First, in London near Heathrow Airport is the crown jewel of the Rugby Football Union, Twickenham Stadium.  Mr. Keith Kent, Head Grounds Manager for the Rugby Football Union, was kind enough to spend a good bit of time with us.  Many thanks to him for taking time out of his day!  Twickenham is another field reinforced w/ Desso for the rigors of rugby, and the field is tremendous.  Home of the upcoming rugby World Cup, the stadium was all around fantastic!

Twickenham Stadium Staff: Mr. Ian Ayling, Mr. Keith Kent, and Mr. Andy Nuir

Following Twickenham, it was off to St. George’s Park, home of the English FA.  With 2 hotels on the property, we were able to spend the night in the park as well.    WOW how the facility has matured and progressed since our last visit back in May of 2012 when it was still under major construction.  The work the Mr. Alan Ferguson & Mrs. Carol Ferguson have done with the 1st class St. George’s Park Staff is tremendous.  More to come on that tomorrow as well.

Day 2 solidified many thoughts from Day 1, and then set the stage for a very big day on Day 3.  More to come!!

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