#TBT….. Picture Summary- SoccerPlex Stadium Renovation

The possibilities for natural grass fields are endless.  Improved plant genetics, advanced plant feeding technologies, creative maintenance equipment; all these things are providing grass managers with the tools to do entirely new and “impossible” things.  

One example of the “impossible” is a field renovation done on SoccerPlex Stadium that started 2 years ago this weekend.  The field was cleaned off and re-seeded with Kentucky bluegrass.  35 days later, the field was played on.  Yes… 35 days… Kentucky bluegrass.  The June issue of SportsTurf magazine featured a summary article by Ms. Julie Adamski on the work that was done.  That article is here:  Seeding to Play in 35 Days. The picture gallery from this blog follows as well documenting the process and grow-in.

Ms. Adamski highlights “impossible” in her closing quote in the article.  “Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible”.  YES!  So true!  Prior to this, and even still today, many will say that seeding Kentucky bluegrass and playing on it in 35 days is impossible.  That the thought is absurd.  Yes… maybe 2 years ago it was.  But with fantastic results and replications since, such a feat is no longer impossible or absurd!  #THINKDIFFERENT 

Growing Green Grass #GrassCanTakeMore®

Poa Infestation

GreenOne Industries Koro Field TopMaker

GreenOne Industries removes SoccerPlex Stadium Field

SoccerPlex Stadium after removal

Paint lines showing 4″ down into sand profile

SpeedDresser 18 adding 1/2″ of new sand at 4.5 mph

SpeedDressing sand

Sand across SoccerPlex Stadium

Landscapes, Unlimited Laser Grading Sand

Imants Recycling Dresser w/ conveyer removed blending sand and mixing turf grids

Watering Sand at Sunset

1st Pass w/ Seeder

Turf Grids on Top of the Sand w/ the Seed

Seeding Process Taking Place

Watering In 1st Application of Seed

Seeding Continuing

Sand Following Seeding

Sand Following Seeding

Seeding Process Finishing

Watering In the Seed

Field covered with Recycled Paper Mulch to reduce the risk of sand “washing” from heavy rain due to a strong cold front

Grass seedlings popping through the paper mulch 6 days after planting

Bluegrass seedlings in 6 days w/ 2 rye grass plants (purple stems) as well

Grass root 6 days following seeding

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2 thoughts on “#TBT….. Picture Summary- SoccerPlex Stadium Renovation

  1. Well done an excellent presentation, only goes to show we all can improve the quality of Natural Turf, it can only get better as those who try different ways and methods will succeed

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